We believe Black

STILL BLACK is a safe place where black people, black voices and black experiences are believed, stewarded, and tended to.

So often in our community, there is a stigma against sharing your vulnerable moments with others – especially your traumatic ones. And because of this, many of us are left to drown in our experiences alone either due to shame or the lack of funds and support to go to therapy. In addition, outside of our community, black people’s stories and experiences are often overlooked or blanketed as an exaggeration in efforts to pipe down the very real and very present racism that is felt and lived through in our every day lives. 

Whether you are the president of the United States, your local pastor or the janitor at the grocery store down the street, the black experience is a shared one and deserves to be acknowledged, honored, and highlighted.

And this is where Still Black was born. Right at the crossroads of our cultural need to be believed and heard and our innate need to be accepted, loved and understood by people in and outside of our community.

Our platform is simply that – a platform and spotlight for black people to come and learn, listen, cry, open up and relate to people who have lived in your shoes. 

If you have a story to tell, we have a heart and ear to listen. We are for the community, by the community, with the community and standing by our community. Periodt.