This is a space.

This is a space for Black people to be themselves.
In entirety. Without regard. Without explanation. Without need proof. 

This is a space where Black people stories are believed.
Their emotions validated. Their shoes stepped in to. 

And because of that, is it important that we treat every post with the sensitivity and honor of a confessional,
whether it is a poem of uplifting or a post of vulnerable pain. 


With that being said, when it comes to your interaction with these posts,
we do not tolerate accusations on comments.
We do not tolerate bigotry or racism.
We do not tolerate hate speech and attack.
Any person doing such in the comments will be deleted and banned. 

We are not affiliated with any religion or organization
and we will not be boxed into a narrative because blackness is not monolitic.

We invite you to listen, to learn, to open up and to share.
We invite you to share a seat on this journey.